An unusual Invitation/Calling

Information doesn’t change us. It has always been available…more so today.

A next step, more esoteric, more personal, an up-to-date distillate of wisdom, waiting to be realized.

Wisdom is knowledge applied while accessing the unknown.

We shift “every nanosecond of a second”, while the surface mind sees continuity and stereotypes.

This new calling provokes, challenges, and is uncomfortable to beliefs.

Yet comforting, new and authentic.

It’s inspiring.

It’s dangerous to the dream states.

When your mountain crashes right before your eyes, you have the challenge to realize that it was never there in the first place; You were. Every time!

Only consciousness can know. It is not a product of external information/techniques, theories, beliefs but an inner acquisition that requires destruction, dismantling, dissolving, A truly uncomfortable “place” to be.

For those weary of dreaming but with a child-like enthusiasm, innocence, passion deep within their being, membership is activated via donation.

This is a new calling, free from “free stuff”, the belief that we can receive more than we give, or “free trials” meant to attract the mere inquisitive. Yet, you can opt out if you discover, after giving it your conscious involvement, that it's not what you currently need/understand.

Its nature is not to attract millions, followers, worshipers or tourists. It is home of the contradicting spirit; where all words must be re-discovered, freed from guilt and beliefs. Concepts must be crashed to reveal the essence beyond the dreamworlds. 

The “Spirit of Contradiction” is a materialization of what has always been; in humility, in courageous expression, in answer to the I AM.

Please use the blog's contact form for any questions or mail: spiritofcontradiction @ (delete the extra spaces before sending).


  1. This is my legacy.
    We take most it with us when we leave this plane.
    The fraction that is left behind, “in stone” and in the memory of the dream is open to interpretation and oblivion.
    Our mark has already been made in real time: time which gets lost in between words, thoughts, deeds.
    It’s funny…
    “We don’t take anything with us”. Oh, but we do!
    We take with us our true wealth, way beyond anything the dream can measure or frame.
    This revelation is only footprints on a shore. The “shore” being the mind.
    Contrary to belief, it (the mind) constantly changes, shapes and colors accordingly.
    The entries in this legacy are not written for the deluded, egoic mind.
    They bypass its mechanisms and intellectualized pathways.
    They are mystical pathways; far from the normal intellectualized concepts that can be manipulated.
    Funny; I never thought of myself as a poet.
    Because I wasn’t. The dream has its own interpretations of everything...
    The frames in between those that provide continuity and linear flow reveal the mystic pathways, which the courageous may seek and find.

  2. All terms, words, sentences, meanings, change every time I read an article. They are the most "alive" texts that I've ever encountered. Or is it me that changes every moment, to perceive more? Some of them are revealing while some others are uncomfortable. I know then that they are probably even more reavealing - about me! It's a wild ride. Texts that are very compact -the more compact they are, the more I need to open and free my mind in order to grsap what they say.
    Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    1. It's what we've been asking for...what i've been preparing for/trained for...
      And I hear the answer... "I can only tell you that which you are ready to receive"!


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