May 5, 2014

"Dialogues with god” (2)

This is a follow-up to the article “Dialogues with god”. After many conversations and dialogues  with people on the subject, there are certain areas that still need to be covered; as I am certain even more will arise.

Dialogues with one another are much more “difficult” than giving speeches, holding seminars, spreading teachings, even if all these have the usual “questions in the end” section or a live "question and answer" basis. There is still you the learner/inferior/student and the teacher/superior/knower. Even if we logically reject the idea, it subconsciously creates the essence of the gathering.  

Dialogues are unique and always involve two people on an equal, non set, unknown basis. Contrary to our training and usual habits, they have no set subject, organization of thought, a list of points exchanged based on previous opinions and beliefs. They are spontaneous, authentic and with unknown “end points of arrival”. Because there are none!

Dialogues are meant to open pathways not close doors. They are meant to free not captivate our mind by giving it more or different ideas to base its case on. They open up new realities and new possibilities, already known within but unrecognized before, as we continue the dialogue within our own self, “till we meet again”.

Dialogues cannot be substituted with conversations; they are totally different in context, energy and essence. We confuse the two because we have been trained in the one and ignore the other (through experience). In conversations we exchange beliefs, opinions, experience; agreeing or disagreeing, categorizing, judging, understanding linearly and mentally, but not actually grasping the deeper essence of communication.

People are afraid that dialogues will hurt. Opening up on an equal, trusting basis can be frightening and an experience that the mind/ego wants to escape from or avoid. It will think up all of excuses and strategies to do just that, holding on to its power of superiority over you.

Yes, sometimes dialogues hurt, as we realize the lies that we have been telling ourselves. But then, this is not about escaping pain but about facing, accepting and surrendering to pain. In the safe environment of mutual openness, willing truthfulness, all pain is endured and simultaneously released, where suffering existed before.

Pain is often confused with suffering but they are very different; totally different. Suffering is holding on to the belief of the need of pain, the belief that "we don't deserve pain" or the yearning of delivering ourselves from pain. They are all ideas that ultimately create a life of suffering, misconceptions and needless striving: doingness; the playground of the mind.

In the dialogues, lies are exposed by you and I; each for our own self. The fake power that lying gives to you in your normal everyday life, is stripped away, with mutual consent. It ALWAYS takes two! The dance of dependence and independence, verses interdependence and clarity.

Telling the truth frees us of the dependence of the mind/ego. In dialogues, we give up the fake power of lying. We face each other and embrace each other, in truth. The ego is safe as long as it is not directly challenged, by another open, accepting, understanding human. Isolated and separated from your own truth, the mind/ego gains power that seldom do we recognize is precisely our worst enemy and the source of suffering.

We can be wrong, we can be hurt, but we come together in truth. And that truth frees both!

The power to try to escape is instinctive. We need to go past our instincts, while we respect and use them accordingly. The courageous daring to walk the path of confrontation, of submission of ego power, of opening up the heart, through consciously relying on truth being revealed "in presence of another"!

Overall, the dialogues suggested, are based on a totally new way of thinking and existing within ourselves and with everyone around us. They are practical, down-to-earth, covering all sorts of subjects, as we confront (with respect) the mind, instead of trying to avoid it or change ourselves (the two most usual practices, which lead to more confusion). It is about learning how to enter into our own unique, truthful world as we learn how to enter in another; without fearing loss, contamination or seduction.

They are based on realizing the various thought processes, the different characteristics of the mind (left and right brain, to be more practically understood), what it really means to "open our hearts", realizing who we really are (as opposed to who we think we are) and coming together on a pure, truthful, innocent, authentic communion.

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