April 30, 2014

Dialogues with god

We have many wars going on right now: the one against GMO, against drugs, against chemical weapons, you name it, there is a war declared against it. I can see the reality beneath all of them, as can anyone else who is able to see!

What many people who are consumed by these wars don’t realize and therefore get consumed by them, is that these are outer wars, expressing the inner ongoing war; the one with the ego. I too had to go through this stage in my younger years, to overcome it... coming out of it wiser, stronger, more humble and “down-to-earth”.

There is only one way to end all these wars, although not everyone is currently willing to let go of their “sworn missions”. I am writing this introductory article only for those who do and are willing to participate in this voluntarily.

Putting aside all beliefs, theories, long analysis, and all known practices tried and tested up until now, the obvious conclusion is the ongoing fear and ignorance of "god"; the top programmer and designer of our current level of existence of space and time. The growing rates of depression, disease, misery, lack, dysfunctional relationships and much more, show that despite our assumptions and efforts, we have not made peace with him, nor do we know him, to be exact!

This is a huge subject, which involves all others: science, psychology, education etc., and cannot be confronted in any article, but only individually, on a personal level. This is my personal opinion and conclusion, after many years of practice and involvement in studying, researching, teaching and living. All pieces must be synthesized, placed together and seen as a whole. This includes all that we have not cultivated, expanded or even think about about ourselves and our possibilities.

“Dialogues with god” aims to do just that! Experts, teachers, gurus, are all “out” for me… although I never shared the existing worldview of them anyway... Yet, now, everything is much clearer still!. Having always moved towards this direction and working to achieve what I know to be true (not hypothesize), I have finally found the correct wording, to include everything that needs to be realized.

We are co-creators, co-workers, comrades, co-healers, communicators, and anything else “co” that you can think of. The idea that we are alone, isolated, superior or inferior to others is a false one. Nor do we heal ourselves, create alone, walk our own path, insignificant of all others. Hard as it has been to come to this conclusion, I know it to be true and real… with strong, continuous evidence, which is impossible to overpass. Nevertheless, this needs to be realized on an individual, practical level; not believed!

Those who are ready to move from their comfort zones will communicate; they will ask, seek to understand, recognize the meaning behind the words. The ones who inspire and interest me most are the teenagers (of all ages); this large, misunderstood group, which I will probably write about in one of my following articles.

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